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I often get questions about training frequency. Human nature would have us to believe that in order to maximize results in the gym the old adage ‘more is better’ applies. Gym rats have taken this to heart for years despite the activity. It seems that cardio, weight training, and any other form of exercise that takes place in the gym would fall under this axiom as common knowledge. Well call me a non conformist! When taking a step back and examining training more analytically, we draw very different conclusions.

In this blurb I’ll only address weight training. We train 3 days per week (Mon-Wed-Fri), for everyone that I train, because frankly, it’s intensity followed by rest intervals that change the human body most rapidly. The guy I learned to train from used to work for Mike and Ray Mentzer in the early 80’s, proponents of HIT (high intensity training), and all these years later it seems that more and more people are using HIT, (though most apply the principles incorrectly). When putting together a training program for my clients, I had to accept the fact that although people come from varying backgrounds and aptitudes when it comes to athleticism, the human body reacts the same way to stress (training) for the entirety of the population. HIT gives the central nervous system ample time to supercompensate, a necessity for change to occur. Change is what ALL of my clients are after. Some may want to be bigger, some smaller, but all seek change. So if we use the same, and in this case, MOST effective route to change from a lifting standpoint (HIT), the only variables are calories and cardio. This also takes a lot of the guess work out of contest prep, as we don’t worry about a clients recovery ability during periods of lower caloric intake, we just concern ourselves with intensity variations.

If you’ve never trained under the principles of HIT, I invite you to come down to our facility at 1314 9th St. and give it a try. Simply call or email and we’ll gladly introduce you to what I feel is the only way to weight train. The way we train is definitely not easy, but nothing worth having ever is. If you think you train hard, you may be surprised at how humbling HIT can be. I know it was for me when I was first introduced to it, and have heard nothing to the contrary from anyone who embraces this type of workout. We are currently running a special monthly rate of $249.95 for 3 weekly workouts with a trainer and unlimited use of our cardio equipment for those who are truly ready to challenge themselves and change their physiques. I’ll leave you with the words of Mike Mentzer describing HIT,,,,,”you can tap a stick of dynamite with a pencil all day long and nothing will happen to it or you can smash it once with a hammer and watch it explode”. We’ll take the later, Mike!

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