Happy Saturday everyone. I hope you’ve all had a blessed week. Let’s talk muscle building, specially what to ingest after a weight training session.


Hopefully you’re all familiar with BCAA’s….leucine, isoleucine and valine are our BCAA’s and they are responsible for a good portion of muscle growth and recovery, which believe it or not, are one in the same. You cannot make gains without compensation in the way of food and rest. So how do we get this process started quickly, post workout? Now before I get into this, ladies (and some of you fellas) who say I’m not trying to “get all big and muscular”, let me assure you, you are. Hormones and a host of other factor dictate how “big and muscular” we get, but the name of the game is adding muscle tissue because muscle burns fat. I’ll repeat that point because it’s terribly important and misunderstood, MUSCLE BURNS FAT.


Leucine is of particular importance for muscle growth because it activates the mTOR pathway, which initiates protein synthesis. BMC Physiology cited an Australian study using cultured muscle cells which showed that leucine does in fact turn on the mTOR pathway, but that insulin was more important for lining up amino acids involved in making new proteins and for promoting the movement of amino acids into muscle cells.


What does that mean to you and me? It means that the very best way to stimulate muscle growth post workout is combining your BCAA’s (many varieties in stock at The Fit Factory by the way:) with carbohydrates, in a liquid form. I’ve been advocating this for years, my personal favorite is the Betancourt Pure Amino (sweetened with Stevia) with ALLMAX’s Carbion. Myopharma’s MyoRecovery is also a fine choice as it contains not just BCAA’s but also electrolytes, glutamine, and creatine. The dose can be adjusted according to you bodyweight and bodyfat %.


If you are not currently combining your BCAA’s and carbs into a post workout drink, stop hampering your progress and stop by The Fit Factory to pick some of these fine muscle building products up-at the lowest possible prices. Enjoy your weekend!