The Fit Factory Personal Training Explained

*3 days of High Intensity weight Training weekly
*All body parts are trained 3 times over a 2 week time frame
*Diet and nutrition program included
*Unlimited use of cardio equipment
*$249.95 per month

High Intensity Weight training is the fast track to physique transformation. Each training program is carefully formulated to incorporate and fatigue both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. Our one hour training sessions will push your body’s limits in an effort to build strength. As the strength curve increases, the body is forced to adapt and become stronger. This is of primary importance to those seeking change. In effect, we open pathways via High Intensity Training for the human body to utilize rest and food to grow stronger and become a more efficient fat burning machine. Whether your goal is to increase mobility, gain a boat load of muscle, shed the excess from your mid section, or win a physique competition, the journey is the same. You must train hard, you must focus on consistency and you must follow a program. Let our professionals show you how just 3 hours per week of weight training, coupled with proper nutrition can change your life!

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