Top Supplements: Owners Choice

L-carnitine, bovine colostrum and BCAA’s… absolute favorite supplement combination, nearly zero calories, growth factors and extreme recovery. If you haven’t tried any or all 3 of these great products, you should. L-carnitine by Gaspari in the way of Carnipure yields 1000mg of L-carnitine per scoop. L-carnitine releases stored fat to be used as an energy source. Nutrasumma’s Colostrum is a highly bioavailable and concentrated form of bovine colostrum. Colostrum is great for muscular endurance, recovery and new muscle growth.

The final component of our stack is 5%’s All Day You May which is bcaa’s plus a whole host of recovery agents which really separates it from other BCAA formulas on the market. These 3 great items are available at The Fit Factory and if you mention “Secret Stack”, you will receive $10 of the combination of these 3 already great priced products. Guys and gals alike, lets burn some bodyfat, add some new muscle and recover like never before. CARNIPURE+COLOSTRUM+ALL DAY YOU MAY